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»Meditation is a Spiritual Self-Healing Process with unlimited depth effect.«

»The Golden Flower Meditation« and all classical meditation techniques go far beyond what is taught in the West as meditation. Science has not yet explored and understood this spiritual practice system far enough. Meditation is a technique that frees the mind from the dominance of thought. With mental silence, the conscious individual can become a «Partner of Creation» and heal and liberate himself instead of remaining «prisoner of creation».  The practice of meditation leads us directly to the »Paradigm of Immortality«Immortality is an important aspect and part of the philosophy and practice of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda mentioned in all the scriptures and which I have been researching in all disciplines for more than 50 years. Meditation helps us to step out of the entanglement of our thoughts and come into contact with our independent original mind which frees us from all manipulations because it exists independently of our body.

The «Golden Flower Meditation» is a gentle and safe method, to awaken the «Kundalini Energy»
and to attain our full human potential, the «Divine Consciousness».

The purpose of this exercise is to free the mind from its arbitrary and unnecessary limitations
imposed on him by the habitual fixation on its own content. 

The two classic meditation manuals „Golden Flower“ and „Yoga Sutras of Patanjali“ build the consistent foundation and tradition of the meditation method taught by Peter Todesco »Golden Flower Meditation«. 

»The Secret of the Golden Flower“ was passed on by the mystics in ancient China as „The Book of Life“ a classic meditation manual. It is in this form a unique textbook and reference work on meditation and its techniques. There is still a master in China today, Wang Liping, who passes on the tradition of the „School of Perfect Reality“ as the 18th lineage holder of the Dragon Gate School. You can find more information on his website http://www.dragongateacademy.com or in his book »Opening the Dragon Gate«.

Peter Todesco has rearranged the authentic translation from the Chinese original of the Golden Flower of Thomas Cleary from 1991 into a practical Meditation Instruction which you can print out from the homepage of this website as »pdf« in different languages. The complete English Transcription of Thomas Cleary’s „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ as well as transcripts in the languages (GE/IT/FR/SP) can be requested from Peter Todesco for private purposes against complete address details on the »News« page.

On the Internet, you will find a very good, illustrated, freely accessible new English translation of Richard Wilhelm and C.G. Jung’s first translation from 1929 Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte at  http://www.thesecretofthegoldenflower.com. A third easy-to-understand translation „Wang Chongyang – The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Manual for Taoist Inner Alchemy“ is available from Andras Nagy, Ancient Publications at Amazon. Practical explanations and further information on the application of these techniques are presented on the homepage www.goldenflowermeditation.com from the author JJ Semple.

The „Golden Flower Meditation“ is a gentle and safe method for the awakening of the „Kundalini Energy“.

The internal energy work of the «Golden Flower» method is explained in the classic «cultivation of life energy», which is regarded as a «textbook of longevity and immortality». These Energetic Techniques can be deepened at any time with Peter Todesco in weekly workshops. Students will receive copies of all the necessary texts for their meditation practice.

»The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali« are the oldest basic work of meditation, written by the Indian Kriya Yogi Patanjali. In this „Yoga Guidelines“, the immortal Patanjali has summarized all the knowledge about meditation and yoga very briefly in concentrated form. This knowledge belongs to the tradition of the «Golden Flower Meditation». 

Since the 1990s there has been published an abundance of other translations from the writings of the Indian palm leaf libraries. Many of the very precious Yoga texts from other Siddhas (from the time of Patanjali and before him) have since then been translated from the Tamil language into English and partly even published on the Internet. This helps enormously to better understand and classify the old texts. Peter Todesco integrates this knowledge into his «Meditation of the Golden Flower».

»Meditation of the Golden Flower« as Peter Todesco teaches it in his Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation«, combines the basics of classical meditation methods with the knowledge of old and new Masters to an ideal consciousness technique for the present time. From him, you learn the requirement of a correct and complete meditation technique and for the first time, you can practice this direct and consciousness-expanding method correctly also in the West. 


 »Handbook for Meditation & Yoga«

»I invite you to visit the individual Chapters and Pages of this Website and
to study and use it to expand your Meditation Practice.«


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The »Golden Flower Meditation Technique« is described in »short instruction«
on page 9, the «detailed instructions» can be found on the »Homepage«



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The »Philosophy of Immortality« which underlies this meditation instruction is the guidance of the
yogic sciences for a happy and perfect life. It is the essence of my
 inner calling. For as long as I can
I was always looking for answers to the fundamental questions of life: 

»Where do we come from? – Why are we here? – Where are we going?«

»The practice of the »Meditation of the Golden Flower« answers these questions.«

»Further questions I would also like to answer in a personal Spiritual Counseling.«

You can »contact« me in different ways, I personally prefer mail, SMS and phone. The information of
this website (meditation.ch) you can find also on my alternative website »immortality.ch« .

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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