Please answer the following Questions:

1)  What do you consider to be meditation and what do you expect from the practice?

2)  Are you willing to practice for at least a 100 days to get a confirmative experience?

3)  What led you to me, what have you read from me and what do you expect from me?

(Please answer these questions in any case „with your postal address and telephone number“
also for registration for a „free trial lesson“ or for questions and requests for texts).

Meditation requires Discipline and Self-Control:

I have been teaching this method of »Golden Flower Meditation« since 2012 with consistently confirmed effectiveness.
The prerequisite for the success is your willingness to develop your own lively and disciplined practice.
Otherwise, there are more suitable methods for you.

My offering:

1) „Efficient, scientific and contemporary meditation method“ which is not linked to any ideology.

2) „Cultivation of living nourishing inner silence“ through body wisdom and spirit in the „Golden Flower Meditation“.

3) „Transmission of Meditation in its depth dimension“ on a friendly and free basis for all humans.

Warm regards – Peter Todesco

REGISTRATION:  / +41 (0)79 765 61 11


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Course Location in Zürich City:    (Address also on YogaTrail)

2. & 4. Monday  19.00 – 20.00 Uhr  Individual Dates on Request  (Dates on YogaTrail)

| atelier raum44 | Plattenstrasse 44 | 8032 Zürich | |

Footpaths Description and driving directions to Classroom in Zürich: 

10 min. public transport from HB Central Station Zürich | railway 6 to Platte | or from Zürich Stadelhofen station | railway 5/9 to Kantonsschule | + 5 Min. walk

(for walking & driving directions click on pictures)   Parkhaus (Parking) Rämibühl



Course Location in Uster ZH:   (Address also on YogaTrail)

Tuesday 19.00 – 20.00  Individual Dates on Request  (Dates on YogaTrail)

| Schule der Meditation | Peter Todesco | Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218
| CH 8610 Uster 1 | Schweiz | Suisse | Switzerland

mobile:                079 765 61 11   (+41 79 765 61 11)


languages:          German / English / French / Italian 

Footpaths Description and driving directions to Course Location in Uster:

3 minutes from train station Uster ZH |Course Location «School of Meditation» Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | CH 8610 Uster   

(for walking & driving directions click on pictures to enlarge) »Public Transport«Train-Station Uster  output subway Bahnhofpassage rising to bus station (RED ARROWS)

»By Car«: Center of Uster ZH train station, (Entrance Examination West), after railroad crossing enter left to the Bankstrasse, continuing to park & ride“ near train station (no visitors parking at the Tannenzaunstrasse 5)  (YELLOW ARROWS)

Tannenzaunstrasse 3:5Wegbeschrieb TZ5 GELB P+R : ROT ÖV





Please note:

The «School of Meditation» offers all of CH and worldwide Courses and Seminars:

Costs for local promoter; »Travel, Lodging and Meal for Teacher«. / facebook

Address of the School of Meditation in Uster ZH:         

    Peter Todesco  | Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218| 8610 Uster 1 | Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse

School of Meditation, and 

Peter Todesco

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