My teachings transmit a deeper understanding of meditation and yoga that enables us
to find real transformation and enlightenment in this life and at the same time
live a harmonious everyday life with family and work.


Interested Persons are kindly requested to ask themselves the following three questions:
1) Does that what I was reading here correspond to my own vision of meditation?
2)  Am I ready to practice more than 100 days for a confirming experience?____________________________________________________________________________________________
3)  Do I want to have a taste or will I learn seriously and commit myself?

Meditation requires Discipline and Self-Control

I teach this method of »Golden Flower Meditation« since 2012 with consistently confirmed effectiveness.

True transformation requires the willingness to be committed to active and disciplined practice:

As rational beings, we should avoid the three poisons of the spirit; ‹greed›, ‹hatred› and ‹delusion› and free the
‹divine in us› by ‹loving recognition›. – We should unconditionally strive to ‹arrive with our soul completely in this life›
where we are. – If we strive for ‹harmony with everything› using the ‹knowing substance of our soul and breath›,
we can create ‹space for spiritual concerns› in normal daily life. – 
We should commit ourselves
to ‹sincerity› and ‹truth› and only walk on ‹paths that have heart›.

Whoever can attach deeper importance to these guidelines is warmly welcome.

My offering:

1. «Efficient, scientific and contemporary meditation method» free of ideology and religion,
explained and passed on in charge-free private lessons with following support (no groups).

2. «Cultivation of a Living Nourishing Inner Silence» in the «Meditation of the Golden Flower»,
healing and transformation through body awareness and expansion of consciousness.

3.  «Passing on meditation in its deep dimension» as a contribution to world peace,
on an independent and friendly basis for everyone.

Kind regards – Peter Todesco


sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  / +41 (0)79 765 61 11

For legal reasons inquiries are answered exclusively against
complete indication of mail address, postal address and telephone number


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School of Meditation in Uster ZH – Near Train Station Uster:   (Address also on »YogaTrail«)

Tuesdays 19.00 – 20.00  only on Request  (Dates on YogaTrail)
 Personal instruction, advice and aftercare »free of charge«

Schule der Meditation | Peter Todesco | Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218
CH 8610 Uster 1 | Schweiz | Suisse | Switzerland



sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  /  +41 79 765 61 11

languages:  German / English / French / Italian 

Footpaths Description and driving directions to Course Location in Uster:
4 minutes footwalk from train station Uster ZH to |«School of Meditation» Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | CH 8610 Uster   

»Public Transport«Train-Station Uster exit underpass «Bahnhofpassage» staircase to «bus station» (RED ARROWS)

«By Car»: Center of Uster ZH near train station, (Entrance Examination West), after railroad crossing enter left to the Bankstrasse,
continuing to «park & ride» near train station (parking also at the Tannenzaunstrasse 5)  (YELLOW ARROWS)

(for walking & driving directions click on pictures to enlarge)

Wegbeschrieb TZ5 GELB P+R : ROT ÖV

Tannenzaunstrasse 3:5


Course Location in the City of Zurich – Near Central Station Zurich HB:

School of Meditation | Peter Todesco – Zürich | Weinbergstrasse 15 |8001 Zurich

Restaurant MOHINI | near Central | (on request)
Lectures about Meditation in the restaurant MOHINI

You will find the lecture dates on »YogaTrail«

Courses can also be arranged individually in the city of Zurich:
sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  /  +41 79 765 61 11


Please note:

The »School of Meditation« offers courses and seminars all over Switzerland and worldwide:

On close distances (journey and return journey with public transport on the same day) courses are «free of charge».
For further distances, I expect the assumption of «Travel, Food and Lodging» / facebook

Address of the School of Meditation in Uster ZH:         

    Peter Todesco  | Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218| 8610 Uster 1 | Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse •
School of Meditation
Peter Todesco


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