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Advanced Education Course for Yoga and Meditation Teachers in the courses or on individual basis

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1. It is my concern, to show people of today a practical way, how to transform destructive emotions into constructive emotions and change bad habits into virtues, this objective has absolute priority and societal relevance. Only he who knows himself and knows can understand and love others. Only those who accept his subconscious with its dark aspects and the same goes transform sustained, is truly free, free for the most unconditional love.

2. Equally important to our social coexistence is the option that each individual can open up an alternative and independent, inexhaustible source of energy through meditation and energy work (Chi Gung) as a chance to transform the everyday mutual energy-harvesting in an energy gift. Then we can radiate and connect our positive energy for life-supporting humanitarian goals, together with other like-minded people and in resonance with our heart and mind.

3. My search and research on the subject of immortality resulted in two principal directions, they proved to be the most essential sources of ancient knowledge and of concrete possibilities for improvement of our quality of life:

I) „Tao“ Yoga and Meditation Techniques of the »Taoistic Masters« from China, they include with Tai Chi even martial arts for defence, healing arts, energy bodywork (Qi Gong) and dietetics.

II) „Kriya“ Yoga and Meditation techniques of „Siddha“, the „Master Yogis“ from India, affecting all areas of life.

Out of these teachings of »Tao Yoga« and »Kriya Yoga« and based on the meditation technique of the »Golden Flower« I have worked out this contemporary »Study Program«.

4. I have studied both ways in detail and I practice them regularly. Although I am authorized to pass on the basic techniques to my friends, I do not consider it as my job, to represent these lessons separately and among the followers of a guru or a master. I offer primarily an objective and systematic overview of all the teachings and interpretations of these traditions and I designed out of this traditions a new and better-to-understand method for application in modern daily life. The application and discussion of the common practice shall raise the awareness of the importance and scope of its philosophical and social consequences and contribute to the wider recognition of these techniques. I would like to share my experience and knowledge in equal participation as a friend and companion.

5. Therefore together with some good friends, and later on with a school, I will explore and improve these lessons and techniques. We will use factual and scientific distance, as reference and control tool, while training and developing the perception of power quality as an objective discernment through practice and experience.

6. Starting from the infinite vastness and infinity of the universe, the creation of God and eternity, I can’t see any limit for humanity in the cosmic divine order of time and space unto the physical immortality, the eternal life in time and space. Therefore it’s my major concern to give a responsible and sincere support to people confide in me.

7. The main concern of my work is the vision of a peaceful and harmonious world through the above-mentioned techniques and lessons and a viable implementation of this ideal into everyday reality in a small circle of friends. The experience of deep inner peace, calm and sublime enlightenment gives us the certainty of being loved and protected by the divine, and and the converted life force makes us in body, mind and soul healthy and whole. The sharing of this gift is the universal human task and it reveals itself the meaning of our existence.

Please test with my »Short Instruction« or a free „Trial Lesson“, if my method can help you to deepen your meditation practice. Gladly I invite you to contact me and find out in a first contact or in a personal meeting, whether you want to participate on this path:





Uster ZH – Near Station | Tuesday 19.00 – 20.00 | Meditation in Uster

 Free Private Lessons with Spiritual Counseling

Individual Dates and Places | Contact| Calendars Dates see YogaTrail Schedule

Only by pre-announcement sms/tel: | +41 (0)79 765 61 11«


Easy to reach by »Public Transport«: 15 minutes from Main station (HB) Zurich by S5 and S15 to Uster

Private Lessons can also take place in Uster ZH, in Zurich or elsewhere on individual agreement.


My entire offer is «free and for the public benefit»!

Those who feel themselves called to support my intentions „from the heart“,
can do this by means of a bank transfer as a donation (for details see page »Information«):

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With kind regards
Peter Todesco
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