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To became human means individuation, Individuation and Self-Perfection, the development of a human being is a process of individuation, of becoming an indivisible whole, something unique, an individual who ultimately strives to the divine. My personal Life Path can be found at »curriculum«.

The process of becoming yourself includes the development of all aptitudes and abilities, its goal is complete awareness. Therefore I recommend you my Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation«. Meditation and Yoga deepen and enhance this process and give us the option of perfect awareness, enlightenment and immortality to achieve.

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Psychoanalysis has created a new science around 1900, a vision that enables the intellect to gain insight into the „I“ in a rational manner. As an intuitive non-intellectual introspection this method was well known in Christianity and in all religions since the beginning, as it is a part of all prayer methods and all meditation and yoga traditions.

And yet the founding fathers Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung have created a new intellectual technology and method, that has become an integral part of the entire world. Today, all people use this thinking as an intellectual commonplace.

Psychiatry as an institution and social facility still refuses fully acceptance of such insights in their area. Psychiatry as a doctrine is still based on the materialistic worldview of orthodox medicine, although psychiatrists are translated as soul-doctor. Everything supernatural was regarded as a disease and often „cured forcibly“. The main thing was the „disease insight“ of the patient to be re-integrated into society.

In fact, if we apply the clinical psychiatry patterns consistently on the ruling elite or society as a whole, we would have by both of an overwhelming percentage of certified high degree sickness. (A crazy Elite also their crazed society is heading in the abyss …) Please understand this as a general criticism – I am fully aware that today in psychiatry even in a managerial position there are many good innovators and pioneers. And of course the charlatanism of the opposite side is equally clear, even among psychoanalysts, therapists and naturopathic physicians, there are enough bad apples at the whole thing not to be taken seriously, but on this side careful reading the injury is much smaller.

The French philosopher Jacques Derrida comes to the criticism of psychoanalysis »Soul Classes of Psychoanalysis« in his keynote speech at the Sorbonne in Paris, where on 10 July 2000 the „General Status Groups of Psychoanalysis“ convened, were notable in consequence, he says, psychoanalysis has to date failed to analyse the «evil» (the lust for cruelty), this was one reason for their current »Crisis«. Derrida reminds us of the paramount importance of psychoanalytic thinking on the ethics and transported psychoanalysis to a political avant-garde: Because only beyond the logic of „pleasure principle and death instinct,“ there is a chance to bring peace to our world order. You also can find valuable explanations on »Night Sea Journeys«.

Erich Fromm (psychoanalysis/Mexico City) has 1960 with Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (Zen-Buddhism/Yale USA) and Richard de Martino (Philosophy and Religious Studies/Tokyo) published a remarkable book: »Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis«. Erich Fromm in this work concludes that the humanistic psychoanalysis in its eventual objective of raising awareness of the unconscious until full consciousness and wholeness of people (through Individuation and Self-Perfection) takes place, comes closely to the objectives of Zen Buddhism in his pursuit of enlightenment and perfect consciousness.

On the other hand, he stressed out, that the goal of the unconscious mind to conquer completely by the conscious, is clearly more profound, as the overall goal of psychoanalysis, as the requirements to reach this target, were much larger than most Westerners would be ready to shoulder it.

Nevertheless, the analyst within years of collaboration with the patient goes beyond the conventional role of the doctor, he would become a teacher, a role model, perhaps a master, that he never regards himself as analysed until he reaches the full consciousness of himself and the full freedom, and had overcome his own alienation and isolation. The prerequisite for this new harmony, the full development of human reason up to a stage where it could no longer prevent them from grasping the nature directly and intuitive.

„If the unconscious becomes conscious, the mere idea of the universality of people transforms in the living experience of his universality,
which is the empirical realisation of humanity.“

The Zen, however, presupposes that the ultimate answer to life cannot be given by thinking.

„As soon as the last question of life is raised, the understanding intellect
is unable to give a satisfactory answer.“

An excellent contemporary discussion on the same topic can be found at »Buddhism and Psychotherapy« (German) or Zen Buddhism & Psychoanalysis (English).

Death as a transition into another dimension, in an otherworldly ethereal beyond, and conversely, the re-entry into a new life and the repetition of those two events as fortune, fate, destiny or karma, allowing compensation for harm suffered or perpetrated atrocities and therefore justice. The abstract nihilism, the negation of all positive approaches in a godless world does not make any sense and on this base justice is impossible. Reincarnation understood as a cosmic school of life gives meaning to life and strength. This reincarnation and afterlife continuity as constant rebirth enable us to ultimately attain the ideal of perfection of a Jesus Christ or Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.
Among the last issues include the question „what comes after death?“ Let yourself be surprised, as Carl Gustav Jung, in the TV interview on BBC, answered the question of a possible life after death:

C.G. Jung – „death is not the end“

Interview in English, 22 October 1959)

Text to read »death is not the end« C.G. Jung.pdf

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It is my deepest conviction that the human being as God’s image can ultimately live in this world most perfect and eternal. During my extensive search for methods to obtain physical immortality, this confidence was strengthened and more and more confirmed. With joy and gratitude, I can say that I have found everything that I have sought and therefore I want to pass and share this knowledge now in my »Study Program«.

In that sense, I would like to give you insight into my personal life on the next site under »curriculum«.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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