»The Knowledge of our immortality« enables a completely »New Vision of Life’s Purpose«.

For thousands of years wise men, seers, prophets and philosophers have reported a world of spirit and immortality, that enriches our lives with meaning and beauty. The question of eternal life is the central question of being human.

Little has been done to realize these dreams. The many proofs of reincarnation are not taken seriously. The concept of rebirth, however, has a major impact on our lives. If one assumes that there is only one life, the attitude to that life is short-sighted. But if one assumes that life continues, the attitude becomes wider and more relaxed. That makes a big difference.

Since the myth of expulsion from paradise, many people are longing back after this „home of enchantment and bliss“. From the depths of his soul, every man is looking for this „Arcadia“, the heavenly „Eden“, „Jerusalem“, „Shambala“, as an earthly form of paradise.

The physical version of a „Paradise“ has been realized for the wealthier part of humanity and already shown that it can not satisfy in the long run to have it all.

Few achieved the return to this „Promised Land“ in this world. For Paradise is not a place of „having“ but a state of „being“ to be worked out by his own efforts, and it can be achieved in this life on earth. If this state is reached by a human, it is called „enlightened“.

There are very few known „Enlightened“, but they effect big changes that encourage their fellow men to peak performance.

Testimony are projects as Auroville (the city of peace), Roerich Pact (for the Protection of Art and Science in case of war), Schools like the one of Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) and Nizhoni School (Global Awareness) by Chris Griscom and many more movements of this kind.

Currently, a change takes place in their infancy, that possibly may change the face of mankind completely.

»Birth of a New Paradigm«

 Would you like to live forever young and healthy, live happily and enjoy to experience this inspiring world, heal and harmonize?

The latest development in the area of mental training aims to achieve full health and regeneration by concentrating the mind. Russian scientists and German couches have developed mental training programs, including the possibility of physical immortality. 

Would you like to be part of? More and more people start to believe in the possibility of physical immortality! Learn more about in my Study Program „Consciousness and Meditation.“

To manifest peace and beauty on earth, for me is the most important thing. Promoting this concern, in my opinion, is the most urgent task of humans if they want to survive. Beauty promotes harmony with the universe and nature, and thus peace and sustainability. 

The clear focus on the fact of immortality supports the attainment of these ideals in immeasurable ways. Therefore I have tried all my life to give in my everyday personal encounters this worldview more attention and recognition. Now I want to intensify and encourage this attitude in a wider space. At the same time, I want to create a solid foundation for this standard of living and prove it in real life. This is the meaning and purpose of this website and the Study Program »Consciousness and Meditation«.

The knowledge of our immortality has shaped my search for the meaning of life and have always been determined. I would appreciate if you »contact« me to sit down and deepen this idea and find out for yourself whether the evidence can be.

With this »Meditation Instruction« I guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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