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The Purpose of Immortality and Crossing the Gates from Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

The point is, people mistake Immortality and think that Longevity of life to be the final goal. It’s not Longevity that we are here for, it is Divinity that we are here for. Longevity is an outcome of Divinity. First we seek the Kingdom of Heaven, we seek God and we will get our longevity that we even wanted. You get Physical Longevity to seek God in one Life, the purpose of longevity is just a tool, it’s a facility, its a servant of Divinity. How can we cross the Gates of Death? It is very simple, but easier said then done, it requires determination and persistence. If you do Kriya Yoga it will lengthen your breath, and because every human being has a certain amount of breath according to their karma, after that death will come, Kriya Yoga prolong our life. Probably with the state of Samadhi you will pass the Gates of Death. Conscious Sleep, Conscious Death is Samadhi. | Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath

„Immortality is not everyone’s business,“ said the Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, what do you say?

Certainly, „Physical Immortality“ is just for a few. Wider acceptance brings the promise of many religions: „Immortality of the Soul“. But are we not all immortal in the context of reincarnation, and do we not live in a just universe with a just Creator who gives us much freedom? Therefore, I reply with a quote from George Bernard Shaw; „Freedom means responsibility. That is the reason why most people are afraid of it.“ In my opinion immortality means the ultimate freedom to make my own destiny, to take fate into my hands. I am convinced that this is the underlying reason for wich many people expressed their lack of interest in life span, although they behave all of their lives, as if they would be immortal. There is no more important question than the question of immortality. On this issue, the whole culture of humanity can be measured. To seek immortality means taking responsibility, and indeed for himself and his environment in a sustainable manner and for an unlimited time, and this requires great maturity and intelligence. Back In demand: because not each and everyone wants to be free? But freedom requires in order to be real freedom for voluntary discipline and responsibility! Just read to this subject what Rudolf Steiner says in his work „Philosophy of Freedom“. And to once again quote Shaw, „The disadvantage of intelligence is that one is constantly forced to learn something new.“ 

How long have you been on the search of techniques and methods to live immortality?

Since fifty years, I’m concerned with the questions about the meaning of our existence and the opportunities to put our lives into a greater context. My search for the philosopher’s stone, the holy grail, the elixir of life which gives eternal life in this world, I first started in the sixties of the last century. At that time there were only a few books on yoga and meditation, standard works which still exist, otherwise the desert was empty. It has since then been translated enormously much knowledge from the ancient texts and issued new, and at the same time, many valuable new technologies emerged. The deeper background of our desires to live a better life, a life that makes sense and let man become human beings, has moved me since I remember. Hence, the need arose to pass on my experiences in a Study Program, »Consciousness and Meditation«.

What can I expect from your course?

Everything you wish for when you’re ready to develop the necessary discipline. Pleasure and joy on a deeper exploration of the techniques comes with regular practice by themselves. As many authentic teachers of today I’m convinced, that we are living in a time of sharing and participation as equal beings. Secrets always have been a mean to manipulate followers and misusing power. In my course after one first hour of theory in the following second hour you can apply practically the things you have heard. And I will help, support, consider and correct the practical implementation to be learned at the outset the techniques correctly. In the subsequent third hour what was experienced, can bee individually discussed and deepened. After such a first set, all participants should be able to deal daily with individual time-limited blocks or a complete program of at least 20 minutes and a maximum of one hour, feel better prepared for life: More groundedness and flexibility, more focus and clarity. The following two quotations are my guiding principles:

„The artist as a medium and healer has the task of the audiences and viewers to bring to a transcendent level,
to create an energetic atmosphere that helps to extend the energy body.“  Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt

„The issue for the future is the dematerialization or the staging of the invisible.“
Dr. David Bosshard (Director GDI)

What is so special at the instruction of meditation you teach?

This method goes straight for the goal, and tames mind and thought by centering on our sensory perception and on our bodies. The unified consciousness can thus take over the governance of our existence in harmony with God and nature. We need neither imagination nor magical rituals, the breath is the mantra and the light appears by itself.

How can I check my meditation?

You can watch on this website, my »short instruction« and try to check whether you meet all points. Further instructions can be found on my website and a brief checklist below »texts« Item 4 »Meditation-Check«.

What do you mean by Yoga?

Yoga is the art, to subordinate the body to the control of consciousness. Ultimately Yoga means meditation, yoga is an exercise of the mind. It is also an exercise of the body, but in reality it is more a system of thought as a method that is applied physics. Under Yoga means not doing something, but something to think about, what incidentally means „being yourself“ (to be in the self); what you are, is mainly what you think. Yoga is the art to channel your mind in a specifically assigned direction.

Yoga begins with the answer to the question: What do I have to think? Turning away from the meaningless distractions and the glorification of things, as we bring back home the spirit through the practice of meditation to its true nature, that frees us from all suffering. When we meditate in order to free the spirit of deception, the spirit with patience and discipline will unravel itself. He then finds the clarity and bliss.

 Why do You put the topic of ‚immortality‘ in the center of your efforts?

The Quest (path, pathway or way)  through all the cultures and times was the questioning of truth. My first question about life and truth was the question about human lifespan and immortality. How can we postulate the meaning of life, the sense of love and righteousness without possessing more then this short period of a human lifetime that rarely reaches 100 years? There I started my lifelong search at the age of 13 years.

To achieve physical immortality is not the center of my efforts, but the expansion of the borders is central to my lifelong preoccupation with the question of death and life, whose end point and ultimate consequence is physical immortality. I think there is no more important task then to expand the boundaries, and by that I mean above all the intellectual boundaries. The goal in Zen Buddhism is called „Open Space – Nothing Else“.

»The only thing that counts while we are here at the physical level teaching and giving example, is „to wipe away the attention of limitations“ and to show every day that we can actually live the Christ life.«  Baird T. Spalding

To live the life of a saint, to live in love, goodness and beauty, and to come as close as possible to the ideal of perfection and immortality, is an innate need of human nature. Healing through presence, to live for healing, and thus to live the love is our human determination. Living this path we lose all fear of death and dying and are aware of our continued existence.

In what form we choose our survival is more determined by ourselves than how we were previously taught by Science and Religion. The possibility of infinite extension of our physical life is therefore my central remark, because that is the last barrier of thought; „everyone is mortal“ the excuse for surrendering to fate and fatality.

It is not my personal desire to achieve this goal at any price for myself (though of course I hope, to come as close as possible). Even if I die tomorrow, this is no accident but another adventure. My physical decease, I could not accept as disproof to my arguments and theses.

 How you define sexuality in context of your course and techniques?

A very important question, which I can only hint inadequate with the collection of quotations »instructions to sexuality« from the meditation text. The sexual energy is a basic component of all alchemical recipes for rejuvenation and life extension. Sexual Energy is the central basic element of Taoist energy work of Qi Gong. As far as I understand the tantric teachings, the philosophical content is as important as the direct physical practice. According to traditional teachings, we still live in a time in which it is almost impossible, to live these ideals, so I am very careful with this issue. I’m living personally since more then a decade in a happy and stable relationship with my current partner. Within the alchemical teachings the recommended retention of of the male life force is as far as I know from my relationship experiences a very sensitive and delicate issue that requires a large mutual understanding in a partnership relation to move closer to this goal. Therefore, the above quote collection must be read with the necessary distance.

I would be happy to answer all questions on a personal level to give you more information.
Peter Todesco

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