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On my websites, you will find everything that people dream of since immemorial time. I have a very strong and healthy sense of reality. After more than 25 years in the banking business, the material basis of our existence has grown even more fond of. Therefore, you expect both sober worldly pragmatism (does that function?), as well as metaphysical enthusiasm (sounds incredible, we give it a chance!).
The mystic in me knows about his experience of God and union with God, the scientist in me seeks the secret principle behind.
I ask you, to find out without prejudice what could come true for you in the middle of the two poles of realism and mysticism. 

On 40 pages you will find the main topics that are close to my heart. 

Meditation: Pages 1-5 are intended as an introduction and explanation of the basic meditation subject, they provide an overview and make the benefits of Meditation for an extended consciousness to understand. 

Meditation and Yoga: Pages 6-10 deepen the explanations of Meditation and show the true meaning of the original Yoga techniques. Meditation and yoga are the Humanities of our present time. On this website, you will find enough information to do without my help first steps in the „Golden Flower Meditation“.  

The Science of Yoga: Pages 11-14 give an overview of the techniques for Longevity and Immortality on a physical level. The Taoist Alchemy and the corresponding forms of Yoga are currently very popular in the West. The enormous dissemination of Eastern Meditation Movement Tai Chi and Qi Gong declared itself the enormous effectiveness of this some thousands of years old exercise instructions. Yoga as transubstantiation, transformation by development to higher levels and refinement of our body energy.  

Peter Todesco: Pages 15 – 18 are thematically dedicated to the humanisation of man in the spiritual sense of Individuation, as C. G. Jung has called it. With Meditation and Yoga, this way can lead up to perfect consciousness, to Enlightenment and Immortality in both worlds. This work of individuation can be brought in my view, only to a conclusion, if we follow and practice the instructions of the classic Taoist manual „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ (The classic Chinese book of life). On these pages, you will learn a little more about me personally and about my life path. 

The Philosophy of Immortality: Pages 19 – 27 address the issue of immortality as a philosophy, as a matter of life and provide the intellectual background to my course for spiritual growth. Transcendence, transformation, transubstantiation as eternal life and eternal youth brought into a modern language and made understandable. 

Questions and Answers: Pages 28 – 40 serve as an information bank for literature, texts, images, links and background pages for questions, contact and administration. But much easier and better, you can learn through a free trial lesson or a meeting with me, what my »Study Program« can offer you, and whether this path to a higher reality meets with your interest! So just come over to meet me personally (by appointment please)

»Contact« / Address: „how to find me“ / Study Program: „Consciousness and Meditation“ 


The »School of Meditation« is a complete «non-profit» organization.

The only source for financing my expenses are my own assets. I keep an accurate and transparent accounting of expenses for the «School of Meditation». Entitled persons may request insight. Entitled persons may request insight. All income from donations of all kinds will go to an account in favour of the «Meditation Foundation» for research, promotion and support of meditation techniques. The foundation will come into effect with sufficient capital. Any help is welcome. There are no commercial intentions. 

»Project Meditation«

Financial support, sponsorship and patronage are forwarded via the bank account of the «School of Meditation» in the name of Peter Todesco:  UBS, Zurich, ISBN CH48 0020 6206 P464 2575 0, Peter Todesco, 8610 Uster. All payments for the «Meditation Project» are managed in a separate account of the «Meditation Foundation».

Legal Disclaimer: 

I recommend only links to websites with offerings, teachers and subjects I know, and I am also happy to help you if you have any questions. Books and techniques I recommend only which I myself have read most of and partly processed and applied. They are therefore primarily technical literature to my theme. You should also find the references for all quotations or selected texts (if known).

My own writings and published articles you may print and freely use according to following rules:
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License

Texts marked with the signs © & ® are protected by copyright and therefore cannot be used freely, they are hereby being identified by me as »personal library lending«. (Which includes longer excerpts, quote collections, abstracts or summaries, and my own text translations from other authors). I recommend you to simultaneously buy the appropriate original literature, which generally is indispensable for a precise understanding. 


If websites recommended by me should distribute illegal contents, no responsibility can be demanded of me, because I cannot possibly inspect every detail of websites not derived from me, hence I have also to reject any liability to techniques and philosophies known to me and their websites. I am therefore dependent on appropriate communications and grateful for your information and any advice.


» Always use this exercises for the benefit of all beings, otherwise the energies will turn against you! «

The exercises presented by me, practised in a reasonable degree, do not have any negative effects. Methods and information described on this site are carefully researched, and I present them to the best of my knowledge. I still I ask you to exercise with caution and remain attentive. 

You are personally responsible for the use and application of my exercise instructions! For a repeated application, all instructions of practice require the support from an experienced teacher, who can help you with difficulties to answer the resulting questions and adjust the intensity and details of the practices individually.

The effect of these instructions is not to be underestimated!

Persons with medical, mental or psychological problems should consult their physician or alternative practitioner or psychotherapists for help before they perform these techniques. The exercises are not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. – Even meditative arts involve risks. But in many cases, they can complement the treatment and make them unnecessary over time.

The 70 per cent rule:

Adhere to the advice quoted here by Master Bruce Frantzis: Practice the principle of moderation, exercise with a maximum of 70 per cent of your capacity to run any technique! To reach the 100 Percent Mark creates tension and stress. The more you relax at any level, the more energy, endurance, range of motion, flexibility and strength you will win. („Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body“ by Bruce Frantzis)


Of course, I try to bring everything up to date and I constantly update all I think is worthy of improvement. I am happy to accept your recommendations and suggestions in this regard. Take a look at my websites from time to time, and securely, you always discover something new.

Thank you for your attention and your interest.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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