Excerpts from: „Now!“ The Power of Now – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle ©

Enlightenment is simply your natural state of unity with being that you can perceive. In this state, you are connected with something immeasurable and indestructible. To regain awareness of Being and to remain in the state of „sentient recognition“ that is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not only the end of suffering and of continuous conflict in the interior and exterior but also the end of the dreadful enslavement-thinking. What a kind of incredible relief! If you want to create for yourself and others no more pain, then cease to create time.

Identified with your mind you are caught in time: forced to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation. This creates an endless preoccupation with past and future, and the refusal to recognize the present moment and allow it to be. This compulsion arises because the past gives you an identity and the future promises you salvation, fulfilment. Both are illusions. All negativity is caused by the accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. You can not be both unhappy and fully present in the Now.

Like time, space has no real „existence.“ Seen through our minds and senses space appears as the Unmanifested himself swept outwards. It is the „body“ of God. Space and time are the two existential qualities of God, infinity and eternity. Space and silence the external representation of inner space and inner silence, the endless creative matrix for all that exists. Only when sound appears, simultaneously arises silence. Without objects, there is no space. That silence and space, allowing the universe to exist, are also within you. If you are totally present, then you meet them in the silent inner space of no-mind and in the consciousness of the eternal now, the presence as presence. The ultimate purpose of the world is to overcome them and realize (in her) the Unmanifested.

All suffering is created by the mind. Unforgiveness and being right are the very essence of the mind. Resistance is the mind. Forgiveness means letting go of this suffering and to refrain from anger. When we forgive and devote to living life, we face life no resistance and allow him to live through us. Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of entrusting yourself to the flow of life instead of resisting it. The river of life you can live only in the Now, and by enabling the present moment unconditionally and unreservedly accept, you are you there. The acceptance of that which „is“ frees you immediately from the mental identification and connects you back with Being.

Your body is not you, and he comes from a false perception. The mind created him. Set the search for the truth in your body, because behind the veil of illusion is the gateway to being, the unmanifested life. Through the inner body, you are inextricably linked to the unmanifested one life without birth and death, eternally present coupled. Through the inner body, you are forever one with God. 

Transformation takes place through the body, not away from it. „Your whole body will be filled with light.“ Demand consciousness back from the mind by enabling the focus of your attention to put away from thinking into the body. Here you can perceive being as invisible energy field that gives the physical body life. The more awareness you focus on your inner body, the higher is its vibrational frequency. If you focus your attention as much as possible in the body as yourself, then you are anchored in the present.

If you’re in the present now and in the body, more and more, then your body will feel lighter, clearer, more vivid. Because of more awareness in the body, its molecular structure is less dense. More awareness reduces the illusion of matter. The contact with the inner body creates a clear space of no-mind.

The more you identify yourself with the timeless inner body and Presence is your normal level of consciousness, the less the past and the future will dominate your attention. Then you gather no more time in your psyche and in the cells of your body. The accumulation of time as a psychological burden of the past and future interfere with the ability of your cells to self-renewing considerably.

If you can not accept what is outside, then accept what is inside. If you are clear with the interior, the exterior will be consistent by itself.

The more awareness you bring in your body, the stronger becomes the immune system. The body loves your attention, the cells awaken and rejoice, this is an effective form of self-healing. The occupancy of your body will increase your vibrational frequency and protects you against illness and everything that vibrates at a lower frequency. If you have to use your mind for a specific purpose, then do it in conjunction with your inner body. 

Realize deeply that your life is happening in the present moment. Place Now at the centre of your life. Always say „yes“ to the present moment. Give yourself to that what is now. Say „yes“ to life – and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. Life itself is helpful and cooperative. You need only to accept this moment fully. Then you feel well in Here and Now, and you’re comfortable with yourself

If you are enlightened, you are one with everything. The division, which was created by the self-reflecting mind is healed now, the curse is lifted. The relationship with yourself is over and all other relationships are love relationships. 


The purpose of meditation is being present.

1. Sat down comfortably and upright on a stable surface. Choose a position that gives you 10-15 minutes sitting in complete peace without pain and with a straight back straight. You can sit on a chair, on the floor or use any kind of cushion or stool to store your buttocks up so that the legs can lie on the floor without pain.

2. Keep the spine straight and relax your entire body with every fiber and muscle. Feel into your inner body in the back and abdomen in peace and serenity.

3. Take a few deep breaths. Feel how you are breathing in the lower abdomen. Watch as he with every inhale and exhale slightly expands and contracts again. Breathe calmly, evenly and then let your breath be calm.

4. Then you will be aware of the entire inner energy field of your body. Do not think about it, feel it. By this you request back awareness from the mind.

5. If it is useful and easy for you, then see yourself surrounded by light or immersed in a luminous substance – a sea of consciousness. Then breathe in this light. Feel like this luminous substance fills your body and makes him brilliant. Then you begin to feel more focus. You are now in your body. Do not stay stuck in any visual ideas.

6. If you can feel the inner body clearly as a single energy field, leave if possible all images, and focus exclusively on the feeling. If you can, let go of all mental images you may have on the physical body. All that remains then, is a comprehensive sense of „being“ or presence, and the inner body is perceived as limitless.

7. Aim your attention deeper into this feeling. Become one with it. Merge them with the energy field, so that the perception of a duality between observer and observed, of you and your body will disappear. By going deeper into the body, you have gone beyond him. Feel the inner peace and tranquility, and keep this open access to your own source later in everyday life. Keep a portion of your attention on the inside even if you pursue an activity. Do not give them one hundred percent of the mind.

8. Stay in this area of pure being, as long as it feels comfortable. Then again become are aware of your physical body, your breathing and physical senses, and slowly open your eyes. Watch your surroundings for a few minutes in a meditative manner – that is, without naming them from your mind – while feeling still your inner body.

Access to the area of the formless is the true liberation from the bondage of form and from identification with form. Consciousness directed outwards creates mind and world. Directed inward, it recognizes its own source and returns home to the Unmanifested, the invisible Source of all things, the Being of all beings. It is an area of deep stillness and peace but also of joy and extreme vitality, life in its undifferentiated state prior to its fragmented diversity. Whenever we are present, we are „transparent“ to some extent for the light, the pure consciousness that emanates from this source. We see then that the light is not separate from who we are, but constitutes our essence.

Eckhart Tolle „Now!“ The Power of Now 


The new paradigm is a paradigm of boundlessness and
immortality f
or all people.

There is only the question of life and death, we affirm life or death. In awareness, there is no death.

Death exists only in the past or the future of our minds. In the Now, there is no death.

Thinking means always dwelling in the past so no one can think about the future, without projecting the past into the future. We can not live in the present and at the same time think about the present.

We can only live in the here and now, past and future are non-existent.
We can only live in the absolute presence, in which thought rests in the knowledge. 


Self-Remembering is an ancient and highly effective method of spiritual self-transformation. This movement of thought with its three major urgencies has been passed in all traditions and taught. The special feature of the instructions of Eckhart Tolle is the dissemination of its findings in a special directness that allows us again to devote the necessary attention to the „NOW“.

In my »Study Program«, this message is integrated into the meditation techniques so that
we always are able to connect to the divine presence in the „NOW“ through Self-Remembering.

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Peter Todesco
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