Self-Remembering – „The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution“© is Robert Earl Burtons creation, first published in 1995 – With this website, I present the basic theses of his work and compare the relevant issues of it with other concepts. I owe this publication some very important insights I never have found in any other publication in this form of a concentrated summary. The few of my changes and additions are not specifically identified in the text, they serve for better understanding. (All rights to the following quotations belongs to the authors.©)

The most important aspect of our spiritual development is Self-Remembering.

The three essential urgencies of spiritual work summarized in a concentrated heading:

»Self-Remembering« – »Transformation of Suffering«»Creating the Subtle Lightbody«

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Self-Remembering describes an active intellectual meditation technique that can be practised at any time in an everyday life regardless of the circumstances. It is especially good as a mental supplement to the teaching of the Golden Flower Meditation. Self-Remembering is a mental method to eliminate thinking about thinking. Our thoughts are not our true self, only when thoughts come to rest, the conscious Self appears, it does not think – it knows! Self-remembering is perceiving without thinking and maintaining connectedness with our innermost centre in everything we do. The presence of this direct perception is to defend against the current of the ghostly return of the past.

Self-Remembering, to remember yourself at your higher Self, your innermost essence, and at the same time to be aware of his surroundings, Robert E. Burton called „Divided Attention“. I call it „Connected Attention“, „Relatedness with our own Self“. This state of „Connectedness with our Higher Self, the divine essence within us“ we should try to maintain throughout all activities of daily living and understand as the central task of being human. To make this idea intelligible is the main concern of Robert E. Burton. The development of a perfect consciousness is the foundation of any spiritual development. It is based on this work of self-remembrance of our higher self, the urgency to join, as often as possible, again and again, with our innermost core, our very own self! The Bible says:

»Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain«

»My name is I AM that I AM.« 


The purpose of meditation is being present.

Consciousness is a state and not a matter of opinion. We describe and define consciousness, but consciousness is consciousness. A swan truly a swan. The intellectual centre cannot become conscious, because consciousness is not a function. If you truly remember your Self, then you are aware, although the clarity of your presence may change. Consciousness has stages and one of the stages is permanent consciousness. Self-Remembering connects us with the subtle highest consciousness.

What really is our own is, without a word and looking at our forehead. It is our childlike self that resides between the sacred temples in the pineal gland. No experience is similar to our own awakening. We have the key to eternity.  Everything passes, but not our Self.

Where you are present there is eternity. Do I remember on my Self? To forget our Self is unforgivable! Either we are striving for eternal life, or we fall into eternal darkness. To be or not to be. In us lies beginning and end of creation. To bring dead alive is the goal of self-remembering.

The result of self-remembering is the penetration into the essence. Divided attention brings us to the core essence of our being. Trying to remember again and again our self will achieve higher states of consciousness. Once the essence is aware of both, his self and the watched object, higher centres are active. We need the core essence of our Self to experience higher centres. The essence of our Self replaces negative feelings and is the bridge to higher centres.

Self-Remembering is the transformation of suffering, remaining more conscious, deliberate, attempting and present in face of negative circumstances, and not showing negative feelings. Let us touch the suffering, but not be destroyed by it. No matter what happens, do not become negative. There is truly no justification for negative feelings. Nothing is nobler, nothing is more important than the transformation of negative emotions.

The core essence of our Self in the undeveloped state is very limited because he can not divide attention.
There is no more important task than to strengthen it by overcoming our weaknesses, by transformation of suffering.
With the help of self-remembering, we begin to fill our higher centres profitable and to educate our self.

When higher centres are built in us, then they are selfless. We can not create selfish immortal states within us. They would be the universe far more a curse than a blessing. Higher centres may not appear if we behave carelessly to others. It is a law that higher centres will appear only if one forgets oneself. Higher centres are intended to serve humanity.

Crystallization is the process whereby the psychological features are fixed and allows to be durable. Correct crystallization allows higher centres to be durable and strengthens the subtle astral body of our self. Presentness leads to crystallization of an astral body, to form an immortal soul. If we crystallize properly death will be an illusion.

Life is real only when „I am“. G.I. Gurdjieff  – In the end, we are speechless and we are.

Robert E. Burton  Self-Remembering – „The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution“©


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„Creativity means to awaken from the collective dream to create his own personal dreams. We all live in a dream shared by most of our fellow human beings. From ourselves, it depends how the game is going, how we shape our lives. The Joker, the Fool, while the most valuable card in this game is creativity. Why, because creativity connects us with the essence – who at the same time is possibility and reality. Self-remembering is the core of the doctrine of Gurdjieff: Only if you can observe your own automatic processes of your consciousness, you realize its potential. Be aware of what is going on inside of you and be aware of your surroundings at the same time.  If one is aware of his thinking, it participates at the larger creative thinking of the cosmos. If we pause to let go of our conventional ways of thinking and to open ourselves, the larger incomprehensible dimension will touch us. Self-Remembering helps us to connect with our essence, with our self, that we may not forget ourself.“

Bernd Klaus Vollmar – Psychologist and author of
„Sprungbrett Kreativität“- Verwirklichen Sie Ihren Lebenstraum

„Who is capable to live in accordance with the inner being, and to act with the heart, feels free, and does no longer need to grab at everything possible and still fulfils with self-intelligibility what to do. If we can temporarily let go of everything that binds us, all wishes and injuries, all the hopes and experiences, all the thoughts and opinions, we come to your own inner ground. When we detach from the individual contents of consciousness, we experience consciousness as presence. We become people without rank and name. This original man is of great power and lives fruitful for the whole. There are many types of movement but only one kind of silence.“

Dieter Wartenweiler – Psychologist and Zen teacher – in
„Pause for reflection on the Career Path. The Art of Seeing Clearly.“

„God has inflicted the sense organs with an injury by creating them with outwards going tendencies. Man sees therefore only external objects and not the Inner Self. The contemplative man, whom it calls for immortality, beholds the Inner Self with his eyes closed because as long as the senses go outside, they are excluded from the knowledge of God. By withdrawing our senses from external objects, we gain self-control. Self-Control, through which one experiences his Inner Self can be compared with the reversal of a rapid downward current flow. Self-Knowledge, the constant awareness of the Inner Self, which remains unaffected by the law of karma brings secure Immortality. Deathlessness or Eternity is the essence of our Inner Self. „

The wisdom of India  Katha Upanishad – Shankara

Among the hundreds of free classes that Google offers to employees, one of the most popular is called S.I.Y., for „Search Inside Yourself.“ It is the brainchild of Chade-Meng Tan, an engineer who arrived at Google in 2000 as employee No. 107 and now works in human resources. His program Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a curriculum for emotional intelligence based on mindfulness. The class has three steps: attention training, self-knowledge and self-mastery, and the creation of useful mental habits. Think of S.I.Y. as the Zen of Google. Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a curriculum for emotional intelligence based on mindfulness.

The three steps of this program can be compared very well with the three essential urgencies of spiritual work:

1.   The first step is to train attention in a way that allows you to make your mind calm and clear on demand. At any time,  whatever is happening to you – whether you’re under stress, you’re being shouted at, or anything else – you have the skill to bring the mind to a place that’s calm and clear. If you can do that, it lays the foundation for emotional Intelligence. (Self-Remembering)

2.   Step two is creating self-mastery. Once your mind is calm and clear, you can create a quality of self-knowledge or self-awareness that improves over time and it evolves into self-mastery. You know about yourself enough that you can master your emotions. (Transformation of Suffering)

3.  The third step is to develop good mental (thinking) habits. For example, there is a mental habit of kindness, every person we meet so to see that we are thinking „I wish that this person is happy.“ If this becomes a habit, we no longer have to think about it, it occurs naturally. (Creating the Subtle Body)

As Chade-Meng Tan started thinking about the necessary and sufficient conditions for world peace, he came to the conclusion that a very important condition for world peace is to create conditions for inner peace, inner happiness and compassion on a global scale. Compassion is the result of emotional intelligence! Chade-Meng Tan believes that world peace can be achieved but only if people cultivate the conditions for inner peace within themselves. Inner peace, in turn, comes from nurturing emotional intelligence through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Chade-Meng Tang  –



Self-Remembering is an ancient and highly effective method of spiritual self-transformation. This Movement of Thought with its three major urgencies has been passed in all traditions and taught. The speciality of Robert E. Burton’s instruction is their reduction to the essential and their modern language that allows us to penetrate to the essence without hesitation.

I pass on this method in my »Study Program« as one of a few mental techniques
to connect directly to the consciousness by the intellect.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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