Excerpts from: „The Disappearance of the Universe“ by Gary Renard ©

The most important aspect of our spiritual development is the remembrance of our Divine Self. 

GOD IS … and nothing else!

God is, and in Him, all created things must be eternal. God is, and in HIS being includes all things.

Heaven is neither a place nor a state. He’s just an awareness of perfect Oneness and the knowledge that there is nothing else, nothing outside this oneness, and nothing else in it. The true unity there is only God, and there can never be anything else. The feeling of unity is beyond the Beyond.

Spirit is outside of time and space. Time and eternity are both in your mind and will be so long in conflict with each other until you perceive time solely as a mean to regain eternity. We are timeless beings having a time experience, we are not physical beings that make a space experience.

It’s always the spirit that sees. Also in the apparently waking day with open eyes, we see any more with the physical eyes as in night during sleep. It’s always the mind who listen, feel and does everything else, that we attribute to the senses of the body. Without exception. The body itself is included in our projections.

When we reach mastery, we know that we project the whole movie, which we regard ourselves. He does not come from the mind of another, because there is only one Spirit. The projection we call the universe is, in fact, a split level of our thinking. It appears to us only because we really give it a reality. This world is our movie. The ego, the false-minded spirit makes everything seems to happen at the level of form. Perception and awareness of thought belong to the ego.

Enlightenment is beyond the divided mind. The universal experience is God’s love. GOD IS, then you the enlightened one stops talking. He has unified with his Source. And as the SOURCE ITSELF, he simply is.

„Look into your heart“ so by that Jesus meant the entire being, he called for the investigation of our own minds on and to forgive our brothers and sisters and to remember God.

Enlightenment and resurrection, therefore, means awakening from the dream and knowledge of the truth that has always been and will be. Salvation has nothing to do with the body. Salvation is for the mind, and this is achieved through peace and this peace we receive through forgiveness of illusions. Renounce the world not physically but mentally. When you forgive, you will remember God. It’s all about love and forgiveness.

Time does not heal all wounds, but forgiveness heals all time. Give up judgments! Love holds no resentment. No matter what tricks the ego recommends you, forgive and let live. Healing and forgiveness are the same, every healing is the result of some forgiveness, and any forgiveness triggers self-healing.

The one who does not want to forgive has to judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. Forgiveness never generates violence. Violence stems ultimately from fear, judgment and anger. Only self-accuser condemn.

The problem – the decision to believe in separation from God – and the solution – the principle of atonement – are both in your mind. There, you now have the power to choose the response of the Holy Spirit. The means of atonement is forgiveness.

The thought system of the Holy Spirit is directed by love. The Holy Spirit is our own higher self. 

The Holy Spirit does not plan to do anything except waking you up from your dream, there would be a world.

A sense of separation from God is the only fault that you need to correct really. The Holy Spirit and the spiritual laws will help in correcting the perception and lead you back into heaven. The pure spirit does nothing on the level of form.

Your home is the unchanging pure spirit. 

You have the task, thanks to forgiveness to connect with yourself and to become whole again. Nor is it important that you do something. You need to prove your value to anyone and also not to God. It was set in the Spirit of God when He created you. You do not live here but in eternity.

Forgiveness is the only thing that really can change the world. If you seem to decide here on this level for forgiveness (you’re not really here), the Holy Spirit carries the message to the whole Spirit. Every time you choose the alternative of the Holy Spirit instead of plans of the Ego you will be healed at a higher level. So you cast miracles. In the script of the Holy Spirit miracle seeks to shorten time. When you cast miracles, time and space are arranged so that they adapt to him. The miracle shortens time by making them fall apart and thus eliminates certain periods of time in it.

Do not search outside of yourself. Salvation does not require that you behold the pure mind and body is not perceived. She asks only that this should be your choice. Because you can see the body without help, but you do not understand how you can see an independent world of him.

The SKY cannot be found where it is not, and there can be no peace unless there. It’s your world, which will cancel the release, and it will let you see another world that might never see your eyes. To follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit is, to let you absolve from blame, it is the way out of hell.

Choose the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self to your teacher. The choice is always a choice between two possibilities, the world of the Ego of the body and the world of the Holy Spirit and God. The holy instant is the moment in which you choose the Holy Spirit instead of the ego to the teacher, this moment takes place outside of time and space, even if you seem to choose to ignore it. A miracle is a change in perception towards the mindset of the Holy Spirit.


The purpose of meditation is being present.

The secret of true meditation is to forget the things that you think you need. Ask for concrete, is about the same as looking at the sin and forgive them. In the same way, we see in prayer and meditation on our specific needs as we see them, away, and let them pass into GOD’S HANDS. There, they are our gifts to Him, for they tell Him that we would have no other gods before Him, no LOVE except HIS.

We imagine ourselves as we follow Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Taking him (our Higher Self) by the hand and go to God. We put our problems, goals and idols as gifts before Him on the altar. We tell God how much we love Him and how grateful we are that He cares for us perfectly and we are eternally safe and provided with everything. THEN WE ARE STILL.

We take the position that God created us this, just like HE and forever to be with him. THEN WE’LL LET GO ALL, connect us with GOD’S LOVE and lose ourselves in joyful communion with HIM.


The only real problem is the sense of separation from HIM. Forgiveness testifies our commitment. Every time we forgive, we can view it as a gift to us and to GOD. Let us just remember that we are talking to ourselves, there is no one else. The echo of the love of God will give us the answer as inspiration. The key to this is to connect with love and gratitude to God.

Gary Renard – „The Disappearance of the Universe“


Self-Remembering is an ancient and highly effective method of spiritual self-transformation. This movement of thought with its three major urgencies has been passed in all traditions and taught. The special feature of the instructions of Gary Renard is the passing of „A COURSE IN MIRACLES“ in an everyday, modern language that allows us to quickly penetrate to the essence.

In the »Study Program«, this message is integrated into the meditation techniques to
connect directly to the divine presence.

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