Truth leads to health. – Lies cause diseases.

Complete healing requires a life based on a »Philosophy of Immortality«. Only through reunion and reuniting with all beloved beings who have already left us for a world beyond or higher, and through balancing justice within several lifetimes, can the deepest hurts be healed and karmic debts be balanced. This insight helps us to independently strive for the path that leads to enlightenment and deep peace with all beings.

„The most important insight for the healing process is to discover while meditating inwardly,
that there is an awareness within us that does not depend on our body.“

– Bruce Kumar Frantzis – Taoist Lineage Holder

Time of my life I have tried again and again to find new answers to the questions according to disease cause and curing possibilities especially with the so-called incurable diseases. In 2007 and 2008, I was able to add new pages to these issues with my participation in the Berlin Tian Gong Institute with the Masters Tianying and Tianping and their teacher, Qi Gong Grand Master Shi Fu Chien Letian. In these courses, the importance of energy transmissions in human relations was clearly emphasized and worked with them. In short, it is about healing old wounds and settlement of related liabilities. Please read from the website of the Tian Gong Institute the text »External Souls« (only German).

In a paperback from 1992 „Chi-Sue, The Secret of the Nine Cosmic Forces“ by Eisuke Sasagawa I had already read, „that an average person has to bear the burden of 5000 spirits of direct and indirect ancestors, ghosts from an intermediate of Bardo, who can neither onward to the spirit world or reincarnate because they have developed far enough. Cancer is thus seen as a mental illness, and can only be treated effectively from the spiritual point of view. 75% of all physical disorders are attributable to the influence of spirits. The denial of the spirits by doctors, scientists, priests, and atheists would be described as unscientific attitude meaningless because the science will be the nursery tales of the future.“

Strong words! And yet, now in 2010 when I see this text again before me (first edition 1987), I read the sentence:
„Youth crime in the industrial countries, the general practice of abortion will be attributed, for just young children are particularly susceptible to negative vibrations, which are sent out from their potential brothers, sisters, and even cousins in the state of Bardo (the intermediate state between death and rebirth).
“ Today, that sentence opens up with greater urgency in the context of the many messages about incredible and inexplicable brutality of young people throughout the Western world. Try to feel what this proposition is telling you. Perhaps the Catholic Church in this respect is in fact not entirely wrong or still keeps remaining knowledge about the spirit world of which they distance otherwise under threat of excommunication.

 „Entity is what has been. Without history about our origins, we lose orientation.“
– Franz Blanckart, State Secretary Switzerland

A much more positive view of the world and reality have to send many media and clairvoyant, the messages from the beyond. These consultants and ambassadors in my view undoubtedly do great peace work, by ensuring contact and communication, can be imagined with how much comfort they provide the bereaved with it. Nevertheless, it seems to me often, as if the dark side be hidden among them too much. 

But there are some texts that tell of intermediate realms that can not be simply attributed to the occult as if their rituals were only a secular effect. We also need to take the negative side of the ethereal world seriously and learn to take responsibility for our past and future actions and feelings. Only then can we ensure that the negative stories do not endlessly repeat, or even worse. If even landscapes can store negative energy from the misdeeds, how much they shape then only living beings. To give this side of the story the necessary attention, understanding, forgiveness and love can do much to cure. Of course we should not stop from perceiving the light and the love that is inherent in all, and what is more pronounced and in the foreground of the world beyond. To share this unconditional love for all time will be our noblest and most important task.

The question of guilt as I see it, the positive point of view is essential to bring about a change on our planet. I think that Christ has delivered for us the „Angel of guilt“ forever from his burden. For me, this is one explanation for the recognition that we need to get away from paying our bills with guilt and atonement. Revenge can be no motive for a responsible man to settle a debt. Nor can jealousy cure the violation of feelings. Only mortal enemies pay back everything to the last horse and want nothing to leave unanswered. I see it as something that connects and is positive to be thankful to someone in friendship. Since the appearance of Jesus Christ as a human ideal, we have a worthwhile role model, we can live up to turn the other cheek, and strive to live unconditional love. 

Since a long time in me, the belief ripens that illness is an unnatural condition and health is the result of accordance with the creative principles and laws of nature. A large proportion of all disease is caused by the fact that we suppress unpleasant feelings in the subconscious. There they can no longer be solved and block the flow of life. Only when we cease to displace our blockades and the associated emotions and dare to feel them without reservation, we get the chance to be in the river and to block any more. If we dare to go inside and look at our response to external events, this can carry us deeper into our souls to realize who we really are, and we can discover our strength and love within us. As long as we seek outside help, we are in „getting-rid-of“ and „wanting-to-reach-something“, because we do not believe to have the love within us, we need for our healing. The knowledge that this way one acts out of a need and that one can only come by himself in his power and love are the first steps out of indigence. „We are not in love if we want to have it otherwise, as it is.“ Recent scientific research proves the benefits of this thinking in all areas. Literature: „Die Einfachheit des Seins“ (The simplicity of Being) by Rebecca Rosing

The Biblical „original sin“ of humanity is distinguishing thinking. In a higher consciousness that we are after the expulsion from the paradise of immortality (the unconscious Adam ago) what we need to develop new, is the consciousness of unity, the indistinguishable thinking about the distinctive thought of the mind. Through the „sin“ of the mind man himself become creative. In this responsibility, he can now, through the reconnection with the Higher Divine consciousness, through good deeds „cleanse.“ His awakening to the truth in a committed life allows him „Healing through Presence“, the healing through a conscious experience of the presence of the divine All. Becoming healed and whole, whole with ourself and our own dark side (»see ‚Night Sea Journeys‘ a Film about C.G. Jung«), whole with ourself and nature, with ourself and the universe, with ourself and God. Healing is ultimately resurrection to immortality.

 „Life is not short. In fact, it‘s the longest thing you‘ll ever do.“

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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