The third priority of spiritual work is the creation of an immortal subtle body.

Self-Remembering – „The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution“©  written from Robert Earl Burton was published in 1995. This Site also refers to his unusual publication. The few small text changes and additions to the text are not specifically designated by me, they serve for better understanding. (All rights to the following quotations belongs to the authors.©)

On this website, I refer to the most difficult part of the three urgencies of spiritual work: The creation of a subtle body of light out of his rudimentary form. The following quote collection refers to the many techniques and methods that have over time worked out by mystics and enlightened all over the world and passed on. They are giving their personal answer to the most important issue of humanity, the question of immortality.

The three essential urgencies of spiritual work summarized in a concentrated heading:

»Self-Remembering«»Transformation of Suffering« – »Creating the Subtle Light Body«

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It is the hidden meaning of our body to create an immortal soul body. The soul is not mortal.
The soul grows and creates itself through presentness more and more self-realized.

Our soul is made of incorruptible substance, this substance is a molecular substance. Divided attention means, at the same time being aware of his self and of what one looks at. Death takes us everything, except the moments of presence. The only thing that is preventing death is self-remembering. Our moments of self-remembering are never lost.

Nothing should take more time than the creation of an astral body. As we awaken, we are grateful to those who created an astral body, as conscious beings do not live by the others, but for them. Everyone has to create his own astral body. One has to work to create a soul. You just have to prescribe entirely to awakening. Without this commitment, it is not possible to wake up.

We must hurry to accumulate before we die, as much awareness as possible because this is ours. This consciousness continuum is what we can take away when our body dies. All that you can take away, is the self, nothing escapes death except consciousness. Man is the only creature that sees the mighty of forgetting. The present is the only thing that truly belongs to us.

Happy the man who realizes early on that being-present is his only possession. Finally, if you have accumulated enough moments of self-remembering, the astral body will merge into one. We can create an immortal astral body. It is a mystery of the Absolute. Through self-remembering, man can surpass nature and escape death. Eternity is ours when we are present. There is neither time nor death as we are.

Time does not exist for the higher centres, this is the meaning of the word ‚Immortality‘. Time erases all physical phenomena. And yet the remembrance of one’s self is so powerful that it obliterates the time. It is the fourth dimension and beyond time. Remembering yourself creates a timeless state, an astral body. 

The cross symbolizes man in time. The human being is represented by the vertical, however, time by the horizontal. Man escapes time by transforming suffering. Self-remembering is transformation of suffering, remaining more conscious, deliberate, attempting and present in face of negative circumstances, and not showing negative feelings. Suffering was not created to identify ourselves with him, but that we may transform it. Let go suffering, so we escape it. Every time you transform negativity, it overcomes time, as we enter the timeless realm of higher centres, which are immortal. We are people who have been privileged to transcend time. You have to find ways to seize the present and to continue.

The aim is to transform suffering in an astral body. To resist this friction is mechanical, to transform is divine. Under pressure, one can become bitter, but it must not be allowed to. The only way to escape is to change the level of being, by not identifying themselves. Awakening consists largely of the fact of learning to endure friction without identification. Severe pain can be alleviated only by the fact that we accept it. Real pain is not a negative feeling if ruled and quietly endured.

Do we want to create a soul, we must do more than humanly possible and transcend the spectrum of the emotional centre. The only way to do more is to be present and to serve life. We must strive for the seemingly unattainable, for it is there, where reality lives, and only desperation can climb the highest walls. We can transform suffering and make our life thereby divine.

Our first birth is mechanical, the second intentionally. By divided attention, we are born for the second time. Awakening is simple. If we split our attention by self-remembering, our soul will be present. Divided attention means, at the same time to be aware of his self and of what one looks at.

Awakening leads beyond all hope. You get more than you wish, provided that it is a desire to be present and to create an immortal astral body. Remembering yourself will always be our highest possibility.

Awakening is an emotional process, and friction must be emotional. The suffering must be real because we want to achieve a real state. If friction stops, self-remembering stops. This resistance may appear to us as long as a curse until we understand the big idea behind all this. This idea is immortality. The celestial influence is on our side, and his goal is to make us immortal. What could compare to it?

Presentness leads to crystallization of an astral body, to form an immortal soul. If we crystallize properly death will be an illusion. Self-remembering creates a body which time cannot harm. Eternity is ours when we are present. The subtle highest consciousness forms a subtle immortal body of light by attraction. Self-remembering is the eternal fountain of youth. There is neither time nor death if you are.

Words are not the answer the answer is a state.

Robert E. Burton Self-Remembering – „The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution“©


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The Scripture „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ (edition of Richard Wilhelm/C.G Jung) states:

„The original spirit has, while the body comes into existence (at birth) still no embryo formed in which he could embody itself. He crystallizes in the non-polar free one!“

„In the fall in life then (at birth), at the first cry, the first breath followed by the distinctive sense spreads out with the breath of life in the body of the newborn and makes it his abode. In the heart takes the discriminating conscious mind residence and is henceforth the ruler. The original spirit loses his throne as the discriminating mind is in power.“

„The primal spirit loves silence, while the conscious mind (the discriminating consciousness) movement seeks. He allows himself to get carried by emotions and desires. This overexploitation during day and night he uses up the primordial semen and the source of life dries up. And there comes a time when the vitality of the primal spirit is exhausted and consciousness is leaving his habitation (the womb).“

„If somebody will keep the original spirit and obtain, so he can only do so if he takes his conscious mind in breeding and bridle. Such control can be achieved by circulation of light.“

The new translation of „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ (edition of Thomas Cleary) says:

„From the point of view of the universe, people are like mayflies; but from the perspective of the Way, even the universe is an evanescent reflection. Only the true essence of the original spirit transcends the primal organization and is above it.“ 

„Vitality and energy degenerate along with the universe, but the original spirit is still there, this is infinite. The production of the universe all derives from this. If learners can just preserve the original spirit, then they live transcendentally outside yin and yang. They are not within the three realms.“ 

„That is possible only by seeing essence. This is what is called the original face.“ 

„What is most wondrous is when the light has crystallized in a spiritual body, gradually becoming consciously effective, and is on the verge of moving into action. This is the secret that has not been transmitted in a thousand ages.“



In other words, we have to create our spiritual body, the immortal soul, our resurrection body our own. We must seek this experience, the answer to the question of immortality is a state.

As an image of the Creator, the human being is the only one with absolute freedom to carry out this arduous task or to reject it. Self-remembering is a highly effective method of spiritual self-transformation. This method also serves to create a subtle body of light, Robert E. Burton calls him astral body. This Movement of Thought with its three major urgencies has been passed in all traditions and taught.

I pass on this method in my »Study Program« as one of a few mental techniques
to connect directly to the consciousness by the intellect.

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