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„Ways to immortality?“ – Dialogue with religion, science, spirituality

This was the title of a special exhibition at the Swiss National Museum, in Zurich, with „Café to Immortality“, Library and many extremely interesting Lectures, which I visited. 

„Traces of this exhibition“ which took place from 19 September to 30 November 2003 can still be found here:

The name of the domain for this exhibition was kindly given to me by the Swiss National Museum in Zurich after 15 years on July 12 2018, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks.
Peter Todesco – School of Meditation


“The Secret of the Golden Flower“ Newest Translation with many images and explanations:

„Wikipedia“ Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales: „Free and full access to the whole human knowledge for every single person“:    (Englisch) (German)    

„encyclospace“  relationship of the humanities on the new developments in information and communication technology  /  (German only*)

„Lexicon of Philosophy“ with a link to the „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ (Hua Tsung Chih Tai Gin I) by „Chinese Philosophy“

„Lexicon of Philosophy“ complete with book excerpts from Plato’s „The Banquet“ to the „I Ching“ (German only*)

„Tiangong“ (International/Englisch) and (Germany/Berlin/German)

„Kriya-Yoga“ (USA/English) and (Switzerland/Germany/German)

„Tao-Yoga“ (Healing-Tao International/English) and (Healing-Tao Europe/German)  /

„Traditional Tao“ (International) David Shen Verdesi

„Energy Arts“  Bruce Kumar Franzis  /

„Benita Cantieni“ / back exercises, pregnancy regression, vertebrae exercises, pelvic floor exercise,  /

„Werner Zurfluh“ / About the fence / „Sources of the Night“ Lucid-Dreaming-Diary on website „“ (English) (English) (German only*)

„Holo-Sync-3D“ / The Ear as a Gate to Consciousness / 3 dimensional Sound Experience leads to out of body experience

„Alfred Ballabene’s Astral Pages“ /  Astral Walking, Afterlife, Occult, Yoga, Dream Symbols, Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, Gods

„Swiss Parapsychological Society“ / (German only*)

Swiss Parapsychological Society, Psi-Association Basel and Swiss Association for Parapsychology (English) / (German only*)

„Psycho-Physiognomy by Carl Huter“ (German only*)

„Alternative Political Websites“ search for   >   „Codex Alimentarius“ – „New World Order“ and more (German only*)

„Armin Risi“ /philosopher, author and designer of a new philosophical world view / (German only*)  

„The Celestine Prophecy“ An Adventure by James Redfield

„The Hermetic Way“ / Peter van Veen (German only*)

„School of the Wheel“ / website for I Ching (Book of Changes) with lectures by Arnold Keyserling  (German only*)

„Dr. Peter Plichta“ / The hidden, transcendent, mathematical blueprint of creation / (only German*)

„The Revolution of our Physical Worldview“ / Original page inexistent – leas scroll down to Dr. Peter Plichta  (German only*)  

„Alchemy and The Philosophers‘ Stone are real!“ / Anonymus / Complete text (English) on this Website at »texts«
page 34 / »24. „Alchemy and The Philosophers‘ Stone are real!“« as »PDF«,
or on the Internet /«.

„Daniel Studhalter“ A long-time companion with health practice and travel offers  (German only*)

„Andreas Ledermann und Brigitta Raimann“ / Two Kindred Spirits / S.H.N School for holistic Naturopathy /
Naturopathy Practice in Zug / (English)  (English)

„Catherine Asfour“ TCM Therapist Traditional Chinese Medicine in Therapy Center Meilen / Zürich (German*)


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Please respect my legal »Information« to the publication of these Links

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