What is the intention and what is the goal of Meditation and Yoga?
What is the purpose of this spiritual science? –
What is the object of religions?

For many people in the West, Yoga stands for health and flexibility of the body. Meditation is separately understood as prayer, as dream voyage, as relaxation training, as stress reduction or as a concentration exercise of the mind. The purpose of religions in the West is to enter heaven, the East seeks liberation from the cycle of rebirth, but both sides and their religions leave body and material world behind.

We are both body and mind. The idea of being a restricted and limited person must stop.
We are something bigger than what we believe to be. Meditation done correctly expands our consciousness!

As guardians of the science of Meditation and Yoga, Siddhas and Taoists want to integrate and manifest the divine in the material world! The essence of Yoga according to the first four sutras of Patanjali, is the discipline to put his thoughts to rest, and to rest and to be in the self, in our own true form (the gestalt). Therefore, Yoga is ultimately Meditation because Yoga is an exercise of the Mind.

»The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali«, consists of 195 sutras; (tenets/verses) in four chapters, Union (Samadhi), Improvement (Sadhana), Extraordinary Forces (Vibhuti) and Independence (Kaivalya). In shortest terms and scientific accuracy, all existing meditation instructions are explained as a guide for all yoga. These traditions have been recorded of Patanjali, one of the 18 immortal Siddhas (Masters of Indian Kriya Yoga), probably in the 2nd Century BC, and is the foundation of all yoga systems, here we find the roots of yoga. The packed weight and emphasis of statements make it a gem of spiritual tradition. 

»The Secret of the Golden Flower«, a collection of texts and summary of the several thousand fonts comprehensive „Taoist Canon“ of the Chinese masters, summarised into a few pages of text defines a proper meditation technique at all stages. This book, first time translated in 1929 by Richard Wilhelm and with a detailed preface from Carl Gustav Jung, has become known in the West, derives from an esoteric circle in China. It has long been verbally transmitted, then in manuscript, the first pressure is from the 18th Century. Finally, it was reprinted in 1920 in thousand copies and distributed to a small group of people in China. Today we have a more accurate and more comprehensible German and English translation from the original Chinese by Thomas Cleary, an expert and practitioner of these techniques, an invaluable legacy.

These descriptions of the exact physical and mental alignment to be performed under controlled conditions lead to the equally precise verification of described experiences. That arrangement follows scientific experimental conditions. 

The Intention in Meditation is similar to Autogenic Training and „lucid“ dreams, to keep awareness in calm physical conditions which normally leads to sleep, the unconscious dream experience or deep sleep. By this technique breathing and heart beat slows down very strong.

Yoga postures, breathing, movement, and energy-steering exercises enhances the energy structure, the necessary preparation for meditation, making long periods of calm conditions protected and can be securely lived through. This demands exact instructions and precise execution which lead to convincing and repeatedly scientifically proven results. These instructions for body and mind create precisely defined body intermediate states and let us experience the subtle areas and thus also connects to the Divine. This direct experience answers existentially and authentic the big questions.

Meditation is the state of God-Connectedness, described by all the mystics as light experience, and lived and experienced as enlightenment and transformation.

This is the reason why I am talking in the age of science about „Science of God“ or „Spiritual Science of Our Time“. Meditation executed correctly, makes the connection to the Creator and to the Creation and creates in us an incomparable consciousness of oneness with all being, a sense of security in existence. 

 „Happiness is equal to Discipline“, the level of happiness that we can experience in our lives is equal to the mass of self-discipline applied by us.  Kriya Yoga

Today’s liberty rights of our society are understood as a natural condition of our existence, but to one side only without any duties. Rights require duties, and specifically, the right to freedom requires the duty of self-discipline of every individual who claims this right.

Meditation and Yoga understood and lived, also makes an invaluable contribution to the improvement of living together and to solve social problems. We should not cease to pursue the idealistic goals of world peace and world citizenship, as a sign of modern ethics, a contemporary answer to the question of God and realized as a reality on earth. Every person faces sooner or later the fundamental questions posed by our death, the questions „Whence, Where and Why?“ 

The answer is found with the help of the „Spiritual Science of Our Time“ with
Meditation and Yoga, and therefore I offer my »Study Program«.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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