The traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda as a medicine and medical practice is gaining more and more followers in the West. Less well known is that behind this science of long healthy life, like in yoga and meditation stands a „philosophy of immortality“ as spiritual experience base.

Ayurveda (Sanskrit) for „The Science of Life“ is considered the mother of medicine and is both medicine and health science. One of the greatest legacies, which have left the sages of the ancient times of mankind, is the Ayurvedic medicine, it has strongly influenced our Western medicine in its beginning.

The goal of Ayurvedic medicine is long life and immortality
 with the perfect health of body, mind and soul.

The Ayurvedic philosophy is based on a holistic way of thinking and is committed to the fostering and stimulation of life itself. It considers the human being as a whole and as an inseparable part of the universe. In Indian culture, tradition also prevails the view that genuine knowledge is timeless valid and timeless present and has therefore also to be renewed again and again.

The welfare of an individual is linked by the ayurvedic understanding with the welfare of the whole society, the living space and the universe. Human life is considered as a unity of body, mind and soul. These three components are mutually supportive and together they form the basis of life.

The soul „Atma“ is the spiritual core of all that exists. Without it, the mind and body cannot exist. The soul is featureless and yet omniscient and omnipresent, it is in its essence „being, consciousness and bliss“ (Sat-Cit-Ananda).

According to Ayurveda, the soul is free from any pathogenicity, it is contrary to the mind and body always free of interference.
The soul is the principle which gives beings life and consciousness, the soul is the „original consciousness“.

The conscious mind „Manas“ is the medium of all thought processes, stored information and impressions, emotions, emotional likes and dislikes, of waking, dreaming and deep sleep-consciousness and subconscious of all content and processes. In Western thinking, the term „spirit“ is often used as a synonym for „soul“ (in the sense of the conscious mind), but in Eastern philosophies, the distinction between these two principles clearly differ from each other. Other common terms for „conscious mind“ are „psyche“ or „mind.“

However, the highest goal of Ayurveda is the direct experience of the true nature of our soul, the prenatal consciousness 
that perceives things free from subjectivity and falsely identifying them with body, mind and emotions.
Thus, a higher consciousness is sought, which can be achieved with the practice of meditation.

The material body „Sarira“ is the external form, in which our soul can manifest. According to Ayurveda, the cause of any suffering lies in the attachment, the identification with the body, the conscious mind and the sense organs. Adhesive desires and deeds lead to an infinitely repeating cycle of rebirths, where the soul connects again with mind and body.

Who can overcome this attachment, and this is the major task in our lives, withdraws any basis for suffering. The soul can thus be freed and the cycle of rebirths terminated.

The principle of Ayurveda is: Whatever we can do ourself to strengthen our own health, works better than what others do for us. The word for health in Ayurveda „Svastha“ means „in itself (sva) be (stha)“. Every individual should take responsibility for his own wellbeing and participate in the healing process.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation are closely related and not separable thinking and philosophy systems, they all based on a „philosophy of immortality“. Buddha, who belongs to the same tradition, says: „Deathlessness is found. I teach. I proclaim the doctrine.“ – Yoga explains itself as a science of immortality. 

„Be good and help, all the rest comes by itself“

Let me declare: I am not clairvoyant, or with other senses medial talented or trained, do not ask me for your fate or your dead. Few people know where they come from and where they go, because they can perceive it with their senses. Often the same people have a very clear idea of their mission in this world. Masters, Yogis or Siddhis have let us participate in their knowledge and leave us a huge wealth of recordings of their insights.

 „Do good – the rest comes by itself“ sounds like a call from another time, but it is the simplest implementation of the well known „Golden Rule“ or what is now sold under the title of „The Secret“. We find the same basic message in 1 Corinthians 13 from the Bible. Henry Drummond (1851-1897) explains that text in a unique clarity in his short speech, which you have read in 20 minutes, but it takes a lifetime to apply them in any situation: »The Greatest Thing in The World«.

Without exception, all traditions explain the connection between our actions and their effects on us and on the world. Just as easy to understand are the „Niyamas“ the positive elements, „important things“ that you can do according to Yoga, actions you have to work on, „rules of behaviour as concrete realities“.

 1. Saucha – purity, 2. Santosha – contentment, 3. Tapas – indifference (or relaxation), 4. Swadhyaya – self-study, and as fifth element 5. Ishvarapranidhana – devotion to God (the higher self).

 This text explains health as a „simple statement for a long and healthy life“ in the context of the dying process.

We turn away from God, or in other words from the processes of life and the consciousness of life, by making circumstances or others responsible for our misfortune. It requires great maturity and life experience in order to view it as fact, and internalize it, that we always and everywhere create our destiny independently. However, I distance myself from all the usual concepts of moral values of church and state, which often only use ist to secure their own property through blame and punishment.

To pose the question of guilt is unacceptable. In cases of serious illness or disability, it becomes clearer what I want to say: Not any Channel, not even the most perfect Master, Guru, Yogi or Priest will be able to put the blame if he has a spark of humanity. It is only the individual, the individually concerned human being himself, who can ask himself in the face of the creator or his own higher self the question about the reason for his suffering and may change his life out of this question. The answer in any case must be:

„Release thyself, there is no guilt!“ 

Without reincarnation, justice would be impossible for many lives. Rarely in one life can be compensated all the misdeeds. And often great sinners turn over time to great saints.

Although these relationships are real, they can only be used for individual destiny achieved through an existential effect of raising awareness. Few can therefore expect a return from past lives experiences to improve their current existence. Stories of masters who have accompanied their students on several incarnations, and therefore can reveal these relationships are rare. We would rather make our way now to be good people, and to dedicate our present life a high ideal.

Also what we eat and drink is not without consequence. The very fact that we kill today most animals in terrible circumstances, is sufficient to understand why war in this world can not be defeated so easily. Our responsibility towards all aspects of creation itself can be experienced in an atheistic and godless world pretty simple be the radical thought on eating meat: animals dying fearless taste better. In a wider consideration, the impact of compassion for animals on human society can not be ignored.

I consider myself not as a vegetarian, but I eat „no meat“, because I gave up eating meat from pacifist reasons, not because I would not taste the meat diet. For me it is not acceptable to kill animals for surviving, so I eat no animals, not even fish. I had obtained for me is also a difference in my life and in my everyday feelings, even between long periods of ’now and then a bit of flesh-eating‘ and the complete abandonment over time. The health benefits of a vegetarian diet or in other words the vegetarian diet are now clearly been shown. The protein in question is not necessary to the healing diet as well.

Read to this topic a summary from the book »Philosophie der Gesundheit«, (philosophy of health – in German language) by the Russian Doctor, Dr. Galina Schatalova that with her system of „Natürliche Gesundung“ (natural recovery) explains »Heilkräftige Ernährung« a (healing diet) and demonstrates it with corresponding results.

In addition, I can imagine a more advanced society, which will eat only food of subtle matter, which I call „direct energy from the unlimited universe“. I can imagine also that this type of energy may even be as pleasurable than our very delicious and extremely versatile added prepared food, which also gives me great pleasure and enjoyment.

Please read to this also „Not-eating and Not-drinking“ in »Personal Topics«.

According to reliable tradition some advanced creatures have indeed already exemplified and lived it. If you have read the philosophy of health of Galina Schatalova, you will agree with me that we are intaking this idea much further already through a reasonable reducing of our food corresponding to nature.

In addition to environmental benefits, we, therefore support with a vegetarian diet even world peace. To protect life and to promote, I see as the main task of humans, all of unselfish love is decided therein, there is no greater merit. 

„To be young means, to enjoy the future more than the past“.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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