«Yoga is ultimately meditation, Yoga is an exercise of mind.»

Yoga is the art of channelling our mind in a specially assigned direction. It is also an exercise of the body, but Yoga is essentially alignment and training of the mind. It is more thought system than body method. Yoga means not having to do something, but something to think about, which by the way means „to be yourself“ (to be in oneself), for what you are, you are mainly because of what you think. The difficulty is to know the direction. The mind must be firmly established and be encouraged to move in this predetermined direction. – Swami Krishnananda

What is the path? That is the main question. Yoga begins with the answer to the question: What did I think?

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All spiritual traditions of the world have told us that death is not the end. All have the vision of a life after that gives our present life its true meaning. But despite these ancient teachings, the modern world is a spiritual desert – most people believe that life is everything. Without a truly authentic faith in an afterlife, most people lead a life without ultimate meaning.

The purpose of our body is to help us to know God and to reach God. Our body is a gift from God, we can ruin it or use it as a vehicle that carries us to God. The body is an extremely precious gift, we can do everything with it. People who believe in living on after death have a more holistic attitude to life, they have a strong sense of personal responsibility and ethics.

Two ancient worldly pearls of wisdom invite us to live our life meaningfully: „memento mori“ (remember death), to remember the transience of material life to be able to face death and immortality – and „carpe diem“ (seize and enjoy the day), use the time to find spiritual truth and lasting happiness. Both sayings show the path that leads to a happy balance in modern life, the key is simplicity, which consists in not to deal with useless things. 

If we meditate with patience and discipline, and with the aim to free the mind from all illusions, the mind will unravel itself. The turning away from meaningless distractions and glorification of things, as we bring back the spirit to its true nature, frees us from all suffering. He then finds clarity, bliss and his own immortality.

Learning meditation is the greatest gift we can make ourselves. We discover our own nature and find trust and stability in it, which enables us to live well, die well and be born again. The practice of meditation transcends cultural and religious dogmas and at the same time, manifests the essence of all religiosity. Meditation leads us back to ourselves, we can experience and feel our true being.

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Meditation is neither concentration nor contemplation as a function of the intellect, the mental realm of our spirit, but the instruction of our consciousness to the functions of the mind to put itself into a state of rest, so that the unified consciousness can take over the guidance of our physical, psychic and mental functions.

The actual practice of meditation requires no specific equipment, not a philosophical, or religious doctrine, no special attachments or ritual. It is practised in daily life. It is always at hand, in the spirit itself, but requires no ideas or thoughts. It only appears unattainable, because this kind of attention is generally unfamiliar to the Spirit who consider themselves to ideas and habitual ways of thinking.

»The Secret of the Golden Flower«

The «light reversal» (the inward turning of the senses), this basic Taoist Meditation Instruction transmitted as the Teaching of the Golden Flower has long been handed down in China in various forms. Today it is available in bookshops under the German title »Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte« or in English as »The Secret of the Golden Flower«. The English version translated from Thomas Cleary in 1991 used the Chinese original text. The German translation from Cleary’s Book was released in 2011. The first release of 1929 into Western languages, translated by Richard Wilhelm into German, with a foreword by Carl Gustav Jung, later also published in English, has long been the only available version, it retains its own special and historical value.

The „Secret of the Golden Flower“ is a handbook on Buddhist and Taoist methods to clarify the mind. The „Golden Flower“ symbolizes the quintessence of the paths of Buddhism and Taoism. This text is a concentrated merging of statements from the traditional spiritual classics to the inner psychoactive elements. It describes a natural way to spiritual freedom, used for many centuries in China by followers of all religions.

This text focuses on „A direct method of self-realization, which can be applied by all“ and is of remarkable clarity and sharpness. My whole life is dedicated to the implementation and application of these statements and after all the training and years of travel, I would now like to share my knowledge.

Meditation intends the »transformation of our consciousness«, surely the most exciting of all adventures
we can get involved with, in my opinion, our most important task. Experience it in my »study program«.

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