First, establish a firm foothold in daily activities within society.
Only then can you cultivate reality and understand essence.“

The Secret of the Golden Flower, Chapter 1, paragraph 7

„What I call perfection of vision is not to look at the other, but to see yourself.“


„Those who overcome others are powerful.
Those who overcome themselves are strong.  
Those who know others are wise.
Those who know themselves are enlightened.“

Lao Tzu

„I am carried in my shadow like a violin in its black case.“

Tomas Tranströmer



Meditation of the Golden Flower by Peter Todesco

The goal of meditation is to return to our original spiritual nature.

This requires discipline and alertness. The ability and intention to focus attention on a goal requires to control emotions and thoughts. Without this control, we are not aware of. Follow the instructions but still relaxed and without great effort. Trust your mind and your skills, even if you can not understand everything right away or transpose. Practice makes the Master. Discipline leads to self-fulfilment, happiness and ecstasy.

Meditation calms the fluctuations of the conscious mind.

Preparation: Sit comfortable upright on a stable surface. Choose a position that allows you to sit 10-15 minutes in complete tranquillity with a straight back upright and painless. You can sit on a chair or on the floor and use any kind of cushion or stool to place your buttocks higher so that the legs can lie on the floor without pain. Keep the spine straight and relax your entire body with every fibre and muscle. 

Attunement: Feel into your inner body in your back and your abdomen in peace and serenity. Let drop all the weight and all the heaviness into the pelvic floor and anchor yourself there. Connect with all the energies of the universe, get in contact with earth, sky and cosmos. Sit in your force and power. Accept yourself and nurture yourself. Protect and envelop your body with light and energy. Activate Your Inner Smile, your virtues and cultivate thoughts for the benefit of all beings. 

Start: Put your tongue on the palate to close the energy cycle. Look on the tip of the nose, eyelids fixed in this position so that from the outside can still shine in some light when you lead your attention over the bridge of the nose, forehead and third eye centre to the front of the head and secure it there. We see with our inner eye. Lead your attention over the bridge of the nose, the third eye centre and to the front of your head, and fix it there. We see with the mind’s eye. 

Meditation is subtle listening – subtle seeing.

Let go and relax: We fill our entire inner body with consciousness and light and for that, we breathe totally natural, relaxed and calm. Enjoy the liveliness. At the same time, we let go even more and try to rid ourselves of all thoughts and concerns of all seriousness and all the pain. Change the seating position until you can sit completely relaxed for a while.

Centre yourself in the Inner Space of your Heart: In the Most Holy of your Heart enkindle a golden light and let arise your “Inner Smile“. Expand this Inner Space and dissolve structures of fear, connect beyond your Lightbody with the whole creation until you feel one with the whole creation maintaining this connectedness throughout meditation (and as possible in everyday life).

Breath-Rhythmisation: We now collect our own energies of consciousness, vitality and sexual energy at the belly button and unite them there with the energies of heaven and earth. From the navel and solar plexus, we move the collected energy via the genitals and the perineum (the lower energy ports are open and relaxed when inhaled) backwards along the trunk and up the main meridian to the skullcap (the upper energy port (fontanel) remains closed in this cycle) and in front down to the third eye at the forehead between the eyebrows. Then we tighten the pelvic floor muscles by contraction in the perineum and the genitals by gently pulling them upwards and inwards (this closes the lower energy ports) and when exhaling we direct the energy from the third eye over the face, the front torso down to the abdomen and navel and from there into the abdomen, where we collect, condense and refine the energy in a chi-ball between the navel and the cross, about the size of a golf ball or tennis ball. This backwards-circulating breathing we run several times until this sequence is automated. We listen to the unhearable. (Listening/Ears/Ear-Energy)

Light-Mirroring: If the breath becomes unhearable, we look to the third eye and to the crown point on the skullcap (we open the upper energy gate (fontanelle) and close it again at the end of this cycle), at both openings the light of the universe flows in, we breathe in the light, let it flow in the opposite direction along the rear torso down the spine through all 7 chakras and when it has arrived there, we mirror it in the whole body. With the exhalation, we then send the light with the breath from the perineum upwards to the third eye again and circle and store it in the pineal gland (epiphysis) [the energy ports at the pelvic floor and the genitals open and close during inhalation and exhalation as in the previous exercise and we also store the energy in the same way as before, but now instead of in the abdomen in the middle of the head in the pineal gland]. We distribute this light energy throughout the whole body and thus strengthen our subtle body and our life energy. We look to the invisible. (Seeing/Eyes/Eye-Energy)

Nourishing: We now connect the two elements of Fire, (Li), ’seeing‘ „Conscious Knowledge“ (realization of factuality) »up the back and down the front« and Water, (Kan), ‚hearing‘ „Real Knowledge“ (realization of fluidity) »down the back and up the front« and bring them to the abdomen to gently simmer the water on the fire (like a water pot on a fire), and let the healing steam of Chi (vital energy) rise in the body.

Controlling: We use Breath-Rhythmisation till the breath is unhearable and no more thoughts appear in this stillness, then we turn the light inwards and use Light-Mirroring. When thoughts are coming up again disturbing our awareness and silence, we return to Breath-Rhythmisation. Thus we avoid, losing us in distraction or drowsiness (dullness/inertia)! In the end, we just let everything happen in waking awareness.

Reversing the Light: The technique of „reversing“ the light“ of the Golden Flower Meditation uses the senses turned inwardly, to connect to the „Original Spirit“ the thought-free awareness and to bring the „subconscious mind“ and our thinking to rest. This technique uses the „perception of energy“ to connect directly to the primordial thoughtless mind, without images and thoughts.

Let go: Then we simply let everything happen in awake mindfulness, we now observe the conscious mind without effort and pressure and continue to maintain our centring in the Original Spirit. We enter into a deeply nourishing and living silence, leave everything we do and move in pure beingness. 

Closing: Become again aware of your physical body, your breathing and physical senses, and slowly open your eyes. Watch your surroundings for a few minutes in a meditative manner, that means without naming it with your mind, continue to remain centred in your inner body and the original spirit and take this state of silence into your daily life.

Keep a portion of your attention on your inside, this presence of the „now“, even if you pursue an activity. 

May this instruction serve all meditators to enlightenment. 


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We have to bring the whole being to a state of absolute calm. If we can remain vigilant, it is a very simple process and immeasurable transformation is taking place. In a single moment a human being with right understanding , can enter into a special kind of reality. God is not far away, God is within us.


»The Secret of the Golden Flower« used by the mystics in ancient China under the name of »The Book of Life« was passed on as a classical meditation manual. It is in this form a unique textbook and reference work on meditation and its techniques. Students receive a new »transcription« of this text for meditation practice. 


For anyone interested who wants to delve deeper into the practical and theoretical background, I set up above under Links and PDF‘s also more detailed instructions. But despite all efforts, this informations cannot replace personal instruction, and therefore I recommend warmly to »contact me personally«.

Important Remark:

All instructions of practice for repeated application require support from an experienced teacher who can help you with difficulties to answer the resulting questions and adjust the intensity and details of the practices individually.

The effect of these instructions is not to be underestimated! Please read further the 70 per cent rule, the training advice of Bruce Frantzis under the site »Informations«. Without prior knowledge of energy work and meditation, I recommend you first to complete an appropriate training before you repeat to exercise these instructions intensively.

For more detailed instructions and explanations please get in touch with me.

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation


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